Tuesday, June 24, 2014

From Spring into Summer...

At MEC the kids climb free Wednesday nights....and no one is ever there.

Maria babysat these Nigerian kids before and after school for a few weeks.

The goose checks out the geese and the goslings (which I didn't get a shot of)  Along the banks of the Bow...which isn't flooding this year!

They sure love Calgary's Spray/Splash parks!

Ramon is crazy about soccer.....Vamos Colombia y Ecuador!

Stepping on other water spouts to make others shoot higher.

A "new" garage sale tent that sleeps 4....sort of.

Part of the Calgary skyline, with the Bow river below.

Ummm.....I don't think so....at least not without a rope.

Heart Creek

Hope to make good use of the Eurovan this summer!

Nature's shower.

Chilling in Grotto Canyon

Carla exploring Grotto Canyon on a hot day.

Tiny bit of Feta Cheese and they go crazy for a salad.

I have no problems with having dandelions in our yard!

Maria tries the tag a long for the 1st time.

Mamita and her little pollitos (baby chicks)

Hello snake

Took awhile to convince them that that this snake in not venomnous, as they learned not to touch snakes in Ecuador!

Slurpee time.

Re-visiting this rabbit park in Edgemont

Wonder how he got up there.....dad?

A new treat.....stick a nut in a banana and they go bananas/nuts for it!

Thanks again for the great boots Elisa :)

Sulfur Mountain, under the gondola.  5.5km and 700 vertical metres.  Back in the day, I used to run up here...maybe 50 times or so.  The kids ran past a few surprised hikers at they made it to the top in 1:40.  Now they charge for going down....$30! ...it used to be free.

With Studley Doo-right.

Endorphins are a much better high compared with sugar!

Johnston lake....Mt Rundle in the background

All picking some rhubarb

Well look what the kids accomplished with some toy machinery.  Great landscaping!  After that gaping hole we had for a while. 

Heart Mountain.  1:40 to the top.  900m gain.  On the way down, Ramon confided, "Dad, these Canadian mountains are really easy to climb compared to Ecuador" 

The crux

Lac des Arcs with Grotto mtn in the background

Ramon wants Mom's bike next.

Carla picking "cotton" from a Cottonwood tree.

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