Sunday, September 22, 2013

Carla the Champion

Mom may have won the race (2nd overall in a small 1,000 person race for the Catholic school district) but Carla was the real winner.  While dad pushed the baby jogger, Carla ran the whole 5km without stopping! ( Ramon had a side stitch and rode for about 200m)  I think it's time to jettison the Baby Jogger!  What change pushing an empty jogger!

She also rode her bike sans training wheels for the 1st time!

Down the back alley!  .....takin' in the sights....

And now for photos of the van.  Slept in it last night and learned that it's not a good idea to sleep up top with your head at the lower end.  Ouch.

Got the flower power stickers off and covered the rust with white Rust Check spray paint.  That might slow it down a wee bit.

The fridge is in the far corner by the curtains

Ramon checking for birds in the bird house.

40k NW of Calgary....1/2 hour drive....beautiful area....and free of charge just outside the park, right beside the springs!

A chilly 4.5 C  this morning

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