Sunday, May 12, 2013

Warm Showers  is a website for bike travellers looking for a free place to stay.  Over the past 9 years we've hosted 20-30 people in Benghazi, Bogota and Quito.  It's a great way to return the many favors I/we have received on our bike tours around the globe, as well as a wonderful way to meet really interesting people.  The following is a comment posted on warmshowers, from Ana, our most recent guest, who is cylcing from Alaska to Argentina....and then if that wasn't enuf....over to Africa!  Thanx for the kind words Ana!

Overall Experience: 
Steve and his family, Maria, Carla and Ramon, were fantastic hosts. I stayed and stayed and stayed while I was waiting for packages to arrive from here, there and everywhere and not once did I feel like I'd worn out my welcome. As well as a comfortable place to stay, Steve provided me with a secure address for the packages to arrive, tasty vegan treats, an overnight cycling adventure, a recommendation for a good dentist, a million tips on interesting things to do and places to go in Ecuador and loads of challenging conversations about the state of the world. Warm Showers doesn't get much better.
Thanks Steve and Maria. I hope the adventures continue for you in Canada.

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