Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sept-Oct ramblings....

El Recreo 10k....Maria made it into the top 3, instead of just the top female in the masters catagory.
Beside Ecuador's top female runner....Diana Landy
Famous kids
Smile won't hurt that much....ya right...I just turned 50
Carla's latest hair design
just hangin' at home
Chef Laura Lee's famous apple cobbler.....only lasted 2 days
with gramita
help grandma maruja
scrambling on Pinchincha
with papi mon
when i grow up....
Cyclists who stayed with us last year photographed an entry in the cyclists log at the Casa de ciclistas in Trujillo Peru.  Back in 99.....don't we look young!  Lucho the owner, Maria, Volker and Steve.  When we biked from Pasto Colombia to Arica Chile
Hiking above Quito....note the airport in the background....due to be closed in a 1/2 and turned into a park
cruising the Chaquinan
biking with Javier to Antisana base camp at about 4500m
Parque La Armenia.....about 10k from home

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Lynne said...

Wow...just looked at your September/ Oct blogs now...can't believe how close the fire was to your home. Thank God for the water supply. Congratulations Maria on your 3rd place ranking overall. Love Carlita & Ramon with the Apple Cobbler...Can't believe that it was gone in 2 days - I think 'Dad' (with his sweet tooth) had something to do with that!