Monday, April 2, 2012

List of mountains in Ecuador

List of mountains in Ecuador. The ones marked XXX I have not climbed. Not sure how complete this list is either.

Chimborazo 6,310m (highest ever!)
Cotopaxi 5,897m
Cayambe 5,790m
XXX Antisana 5,704m
XXX Altar 5,320m
Illiniza Sur 5,263 m (front point with 2 ice axes)
XXX Sangay 5,230m
Illiniza Norte 5,120 m
Carihuairazo 5020 m (Short 20m for true summit)
Tungurahua 5,016m (climbed 3,000m in one day)
Cotacachi 4,944m
Sincholagua 4,893m
XXX Quilindaña 4,878m
XXX Morurco 4,840m
Guagua Pichincha 4,794m
Corazón 4,788m
Chiles 4,768m
Rumiñahui 4,712m (need to get to true summit...did central peak)
Ruco Pichincha 4,680m
XXX Sara Urco 4,676m
Imbabura 4609m
XXX Hermoso 4,571m
XXX Puntas 4,452
Atacazo 4,457m
Pasochoa 4,200m
XXX Sumaco 3,900m
XXX Reventador 3,485

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Jan Brotánek said...

Hi. I am impressed by your blog! I just found out my adventures in Ecuador and Colombia are nothing compared to yours. I was not even the first one to get to Tungurahua from Baňos in a day ;-). Galeras red alert climb and Cotopaxi crevasses jumping seems quite crazy though... THANKS for your amazing and inspiring blog. What's next? Cerro Hermoso? Sangai?
Btw. You probably know that in Bolivia or Chile you will easily beat the 6310 meters if you are into records, for example Parinacota 6340m was even easier than Iliniza Norte :-)