Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Garden, treehouse, bird treat

Took about a 1/2 hour to dig some rows. Just left the grass between them, so we'll see how this turns out. Chard, Zucchini...7 rows and I can't remember what else we planted!
Seeding...mystery seeds!
Black soil on top of the seeds.
Ramon pounding in posts to mark the rows and hang the seed packages.
Treehouse construction. Well...a few boards on a Eucalyptus stump.
Making bird feeders: paste peanut butter on a pine cone.......
Roll it in bird seed.....
Lick your fingers, spread it on your face and eat more than what you put on the pine cone.
Attach a string and hang it up.....

After 2 weeks we have not seen one bird take a nibble. Just lots of hummingbirds on the other feeder.

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