Monday, October 3, 2011

Bits and bobs 4

Well...Blogspot has made some changes....these pics should be in the opposite order. This is the playground at the residence of the US ambassador to Ecuador. Went there for a potluck lunch.
Papi Mon came for a visit!
Note the Photo of Darren and family on the wall behind. And the NHL toque.
87 years young! Boy is this guy strong. He took 3 taxis and 5 different buses to get here, as there was a strike half way.
Carla dances for papi Mon
...and with Papi Mon
Oh what great hugs! So happy to see each other.
Dad's 49th....not enuf wind to blow out the Carla took care of that problem.
Don Ivan and Tia Betty
The Buitrago clan from Bogota.
Prima Betty, Ramon and Dario
Mom wins another $200 for 1st masters runner and second woman overall.
They love sleeping in the living room!
Carla's hand me down, from a student in my class.
Daddy's little helpers. They volunteer now...not sure it will be the same another 7-8 years down the road...or less.
Carla loves oatmeal and brown sugar for breaky!
Asleep outside.
Out the back door.
These last 3 pics remind me of BC, esp when wet. Guess I don't need to go home then. That's Carla wandering around with her umbrella. Those are Cyprus trees I think.
View out the front window. Volcan Pichincha with snow.

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