Monday, May 30, 2011

Volcan Rumiñahui central peak 4631m

These photos are from a 3 day trip with the year 12's, to Cotopaxi National Park. The first day was a 6 hour hike, day 2 was an ascent of the lower central peak of Volcan Rumiñahui, and the third day was a hike up to the Cotopaxi refuge at 4800....up from 3800 at the camp. Led by guides of These next 4 shots are of Cotopaxi....Volcan Rumiñahui is to the NW of Coto

Don't you love these signs....just in case you don't recognize the iconic peak.

Blueberries galore!

What's left of a horse.
Rumiñahui massif tea and camp set up for us at the end of the first day....with dinner ready a half hour later.

Two peaks I haven't climbed yet, Sincholagua on the left, Antisana on the right.

The latest in Ecuadorian scrambling gear/fashion....socks and long undies.

Decending the volcanic rubble from the central summit

Now that is scree bashing! And energy enuf to play frisbee in camp afterwards!

Box canyon

The weekend hords hiking up the 200 vertical metres from the parking lot to the refuge.

Looks like snow and feels like Canada........hail!

Very stuck....we couldn't get him out, so our bus had to go another route.

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