Sunday, February 13, 2011

Run, bike, hike, swing, visit, pee pee, poo poo

Thee latest family photo.

Still flying at 40

Do her feet ever touch the ground? And that's going uphill!

Swinging above Quito! Weeeeeee! On a ridge separating Quito from the valley we live in.

180 degrees from the above where we the bottom left of the old volcano Ilalo.


Adam cruised thru on his way from the beach to Colombia.

The treehouse out front. Ramon really can hammer in the nails and even start them on his own. There will be more metal than wood in that treehouse soon!

Chocolate poo. Actually that is chocolate cake on her face....the vegan recipe with lots of avacodo in it.

Cyclists Karin and Martin from Holland...on their way south from Alaska.

The pee part of the blog. "Forbidden to pee here...don't be a pig!"

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