Monday, October 18, 2010

Gardening in Ecuador

I hated gardening as a kid....probably b/c mom sent me out to do the weeding. I don't recall planting or harvesting. Well...I thought it was time to give it another go...esp since we won't be able to transport food such great distances in the future. Time to eat local. Al's fine garden in Calgary also inspired us and he has provided some of the seeds that you will now see sprouting. The 1st 4 were planted about a month ago. Overall it's not growing as fast as hoped....maybe the soil is not as rich in this new corner of the yard.

The garden after its first weeding a few days ago. Except of the cilantro on the left...I left that for Maria as I couldn't tell the Cilantro from the weeds.

Kale from Canada...they don't produce it here.

Swiss Chard...Canadian version. Doesn't seem to do as well as the local version.

Wild mountain spinach from the kootenay's. So far so good!

City of Calgary lettuce.

Parsely gone wild from 3 months ago.

Now for the rest of the "garden" that we don't have to do anything just produces. Bananas...about 10 big "trees"


Ovos...local fruit

4 avacado trees

Peaches all year...the tree is always in bloom.


Lulo...another local fruit...very acidic...used for juice.

Resident gardener guarding his baby mango tree.

And a few flowers to round it all off.

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