Friday, May 21, 2010

Interview-Maria on Colmundo Radio

Back in early May, Maria participated in Pasto's biggest road race and came in 5th. She had not raced there since 1996, when she left for Canada. This is a comprehensive (all of her career), 1 hour interview in Spanish. It comes through very clear, as this copy is from the radio station and not over the radio itself.

I could not attach it to the blog and the file is too large to send via email. So I have uploaded it to a file storage site called Gigasize.

1. Click on, or copy/paste this website
2. Enter the following information, top right hand side: Password--Maria Click on "log in"
3. Check the box for "Maria interview" and click on it
(If "Maria interview" doesn't appear, click on "my files")
4. Enter code provided on screen and Click on "Download"
5. Wait 30 seconds (You will see a counter counting not click on the premium download button beside it)
6. Download button will appear, where the counter was. Click on it and Save or Open

Have a listen!

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