Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Al and Lynne come for a visit

It's great to have visitors come from Calgary! Maria is extra happy because they brought her two pairs of running shoes! Lynne (yoga instructor) and Al (retired fireman) are here for a couple of weeks and have been coming and going from our place, doing trips here and there and we've had a super visit so far. Yesterday they drove down to the Amazon.
Pics include a hike up Volcan Ilalo behind out place...huge field of lupins on top. Ramon has learned how to wash dishes! He'll have plenty of practice now for the next 15 years! Photo of Ramon and Carla in diapers is to show how much darker skinned/haired Ramon is than Carla.

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Richie said...

Hola amigo! Que pasa?! It's been a long time; good to see you're having a great life!

drop me a line when you can.