Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 1st birthday Carlita!

Papi Mon and Mafe are going back to Pasto this Friday after a 2 week visit and they are taking Maria and kids with them! They will stay about 10 days in Pasto, which means dad gets to go bag a few volcanoes...I hope. Mafe doesn't want to go home and she has become good friends with Michelle, a neighbor who is also one of my students. She has also been coming to the Spanish and PE classes at our school. Carla's 1st birthday was yesterday October 20th....don't know what happened to the pics ate them...we do have one with a balloon though. Our neigbour came over with her 10 month old baby Lucia, so Carla had someone to play with! She had tons of energy, (far more than her old man) racing up and down the hall with the walker that Karen gave us. She also does the one legged monkey crawl at an amazing speed. Yes that tree has purple flowers!

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