Friday, June 26, 2009

Chao Bogota

Well it's time to say goodbye to Bogota, after 2 years in this massive city. While there have been many positives, like the ciclovia, bike paths, the school CGB and the towns and country surrounding the capital, we've had enuf of the high density, concrete jungle living and the ride to work on a packed, snail paced, fume choking hiway. Maria and kids flew to Pasto yesterday....I leave tomorrow morning. Some cycling and climbing over the holiday and then off to a new adventure in Quito (or rather 30-40 minutes outside of the town in Tumbaco) starting August 11.

It's been great to have the Buitrago family nearby and we will surely miss them :(

A single baby jogger, converts easily to handle 2!

Osita....little bear

Carlita bring home the veggies.

Gettin' a wee bit cramped in here!

Nothing beats a good days walk in the country. Ramon managed about 6km! then soaked in the hot springs, fell asleep in the bus and woke up with leg cramps! Nothing a quick massage couldn't fix.

Playing with the ever-popular blocks that tia Karen brought.

His fave stuffed animal...."Piggy" raincoat for him....both of 'em will take all the mud they can get!

Local road race....Maria was about 10th....we didn't stick around to find out.

Dad leading the pack....or at least the photographer makes it look that way!

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