Friday, April 10, 2009


Pacho is a quiet little town, 2 hours NW of Bogota. At 1700m its a warm, but not hot, climate....warm enuf to grow oranges of which are many. Here is where we stayed. 65USD a night....not a bad deal considering it includes 3 meals each! Been doing alot of running on this holiday.....1st thing in the morning as always....taking goes first if the kids are still sleeping when we wake up. From Pacho it's great to run downhill for 1.5 hours to about 1000m.

My princess :)

Karen is right.....her eyes are changing to a hazel? colour.

The hotel is an old colonial style building.

The cat went that way.


This is hotel Diego Pacho, where we stayed the 1st night and on our bike trip a year ago.

The old man can still do a few comes the belly flop!

The Beauty and the Beast.

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