Wednesday, January 1, 2003


That's Maria in the bottom left corner. From a New Dehli newspaper for the World half marathon champs in 2004 Caption claims she is the IAAF XC champion! I think she was 50th or so.

New Delhi World Half Marathon Champs....Maria is number 4 at the back.
Canadian half marathon rankings for 2004

Vancouver Sun Run 10k

World xc Lausanne Switzerland

Track race Bogota

When I grow up, I wanna run fast like my mommy.

Benghazi Libya

Mel and Lucy.....Maria and Ramon

5th Colombian XC 2008

Colombian xc

World XC Lausanne Switzerland

World XC

World xc Brussels

Seoul Eikeden

Provincial xc

St. Patricks 10k Calgary

XC provincials....Maria and Lisa

Yokohama Eikeden

Mother's day 10k Calgary Herald

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