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C/O Colegio Gran Bretana, Carrera 51 No. 215-20 Bogota, Colombia
Tel: 301-427-0080 (cell) 258-9265 (home) 676-0391 (school)
E-mail: or


BEd: Primary Specialist, University of Calgary, Canada 2004
BA: Double Major, Linguistics/Spanish Literature, University of Calgary, Canada 1997
TESOL certification, Canadian Global TESOL Training Institute, Calgary, Canada 1995
French Immersion, University of Quebec, Chicoutimi, Canada May/June 1992

----------------------------TEACHING RELATED EMPLOYMENT -------------------------

2008 Classroom teacher – Year 3, Colegio Gran Bretana, Bogota, Colombia
· Responsible for delivery of full program according to British National Curriculum framework with allowances made for diverse learning needs of students
· Administered the Key Stage 2, Standard Achievement Tests
· Involved in extracurricular activities and food committee

2006 Classroom teacher – Year 2, The British School, Benghazi, Libya
· Responsible for delivery of full program according to British National Curriculum framework with allowances made for diverse learning needs of students
· Administered the Key Stage 1, Standard Achievement Tests
· Coordinated the after school activities program and taught photo and newspaper clubs
· Implemented an online, professional development program for staff
· Served as school photographer for individual, class, staff, school photos and special events

2004 Language Instructor, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China
· Taught English to MA and PhD Mechanical Engineering students during an intensive, one month program, adapting strategies and content to meet their needs

2004 Language Instructor, Hunan University, Changsha, China
· Taught English to grade 1, 2 and 6 students in primary and middle schools, affiliated with Hunan University
· Implemented a beginner English program based on songs, games and gestures, to assist the local primary teachers to help the children learn more effectively
· Also taught English to first year university students

1998 Language Instructor, Community Services Dept., Canmore, Canada
· Taught ‘Spanish for Travelers’ incorporating my wide range of personal experiences in Latin America

1996 Language Instructor, 2001 Conversational English Center, Pasto, Colombia
· Guided 8 preschool aged children in English instruction through rhymes, games, song and other organized activities
· Prepared and taught a course for local English instructors in preparation for the
Cambridge First Certificate Exam
· Taught all of levels of English classes, catering to individual needs


· Bilingual (English/Spanish and basic French)
· Computer/internet skills: Word, Power Point, basic web page design, type 50 wpm
· Level 1 Technical Track and Field Coach, Athletics Alberta, Canada
· St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid Certificate, Calgary, Canada (updated Sept 2008 Bogota)
· Private Pilot’s license, Calgary, Canada
· NAUI Scuba Certification, Queensland, Australia


· Latin American Heads Conference: School Review Training Course 2008
· British Council: EFL techniques in the mainstream classroom-3day course 2008
· Developing International Mindedness, Optimus Professional Learning online 2006
· After school programs-From vision to reality, Concept to Classroom online 2006
· Calgary City Teachers’ Convention 2003
· Friends of Environmental Education Society of Alberta, Pre-Service Educators Forest Ecotour 2003
· Alberta Teachers’ Association, Science Council Conference 2002


· Bicycled over 42,000 kilometres (distance around the world via the equator) through 38 countries; Europe, USA, Central and South America, (including the entire length of the Ecuadorian Amazon) North and East Africa and the Middle East
· Climbed in excess of 150 mountains in Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Libya and Tanzania.
· First person to complete all the 102 climbs in the “Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies” guide book (6 years)
· Worked in Australia, USA, Colombia, China and Libya
· Reading, travel writing, photography, learning foreign languages, rhythm guitar


· Nationality: Canadian
· Date of birth: September 28, 1962
· Married to Maria Zambrano
-Dual citizenship: Canada/Colombia
-BSc, Universidad de Narino 1996
-Teacher assistant

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