Monday, February 28, 2005

Wadi Kuf - Libya

spot the doggie


pine box drop!

The henna treatment

all in the family :)


Is this really Libya?

Hi Folks&#8230&#8230..just a short trip report of our hike last weekend&#8230.with the intention of enticing some friendly folks to join us next time (Those of you in reading this in Benghazi that is.....or come for a visit!). We ended up doing the whole skyline ridge, (see the white arrows on the photo, black line was the original plan) starting 3 km west of Al Atrun and finishing at the waterfall above Raj Al Hilal&#8230.about 10km. It was easy going as this area was destroyed by fire about 10 years ago and so no bushwhacking, except for brief upper wadi crossings. Took us 4.5 hours at a leisurely pace. Next time I would suggest going about halfway, then down the other side to the south into Wadi Margus, to the remains of church founded by Saint Mark. Then return via the road (closed to general public vehicles). Lots of plants starting to flower and the Shmeri berries are scrump-dily-icious! See the jpeg titles for some brief explanations. The one entitled &#8220halfway wadi&#8221 was the next day. We found a road down to the halfway point between Raj Hamamah and Susa&#8230..the photo is looking towards Susa. Lots of berries and some great wadi hiking to be had for a possible future trip. Steve and Maria

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