Sunday, February 1, 2004


I spent 5 months teaching English in Changsha, China....about 1,000 kms north of Hong Kong. This was a 4th semester option in Master of Teaching Program (BEd) with the U of C. For someone who thrives on culture shock, I sure got a big dose of it here!

Dragon River Valley near Yangshuo

Summit Mt. Hengshan

Back streets of Changsha, being offered Betel nut

Rice paddy preparation with a water buffalo

Porta potty?


You'll father 2 children soon.......huh?

Isn't it "nothing ventured, nothing gained?"

Noodle making machine...what did they do in the old days?

Grade one class

Miao ethnic group

Teaching Merengue to 1st year English majors


Loving Duck Pavillion

Sagging cement ping pong tables


Dried baby piglet

Quack. Or is that....croak.

One of 3 classes of 1st year English majors

Sign says "no climbing for saftey and challenge"

Climbing a route called winebottle

Chineese checkers anyone?

The new sport of sewer fishing...

Some famous smiley guy....

More smiley characters....

I'm sure there is some deep fried baby wombat in there somewhere

U of C collegues

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