Friday, September 6, 2019

Summer in Ecuador/Colombia 2019

Photos in no particular order.  Family photo at Las Lajas

Iglesia La Ermita in Cali.  Ramon on the Lime Scooter.  Used to be that it took a few years for things in Europe or North America to arrive in places like Colombia.  Not anymore.  Calgary and Cali both started up with with E scooters the this summer.

Who's panza is bigger?

The goose on her cat statue tour in Cali.

Lucho's cycling club in Pasto, Los Trocheros del Sur.

Old Mr. Tober still pontificating to his former student Martin and his sister Daniela.....7-8 years later!

Bit of a reunion with some of my former students and thier families :)

3 generations.....

L to R: Wilo, Tomas, Wilson Andres, Ramon

My fave tree.

Papi Ramon napping in his room in the sunbeam.

Carla, Mafe and Ramon.

#2 is good :)

Grandma with granddaughter

The kids fave climbing tree in Parque Chimayoy.  See their heads poking out at the top.  Volcan Galeras in the background.

Bus back from the park

Didn't notice the big stick bug on the LHS till I noticed it looking at the photo on the computer!

Relatives in Ipiales

Cool dude.  Tio Modesto

With Don Guiermo en Payan

They sure love Tio Modesto :)

You just know what's gonna happen to these cute little cuyes.

Mama's first house on the farm.

Carla flying Studley's kite gift.

Mama and her 'baby' boy.

Carla goes for a ride with Tio Carlos.

At Tia Elcy and Tio Tavo's house in Quito

Making Panela....raw sugar cane, boiled and reduced.

Tio Pato's house outside of Quito

Ramon has heard it all before :)   Tired from the flight.

With Jose the Venezuelan refugee, outside and Danielle's children's fund.

At Rumipamba

Maria and el Jefe/Javier en Papallacta

Maria and Dona Carmen

With our taxi friend Jeferson and Ari the dog and the Panacillo en Quito.

Tia Elcy in her store in downtown Quito.


With my former teacher assistant extraoirdanaire, Miss Alex and her kids....and Ari yet again.

Papa....can we have a dog?

Don Guillermo and Dona Carmen

My lovely bike :)

My grade 3 students!   from 7-8 years ago!

The beautiful Nicky Duck

Whoops....what happened here dad?  Cow ice cream??

With Tia Adriana's family in Quito.  There's Ari again!  and Maylou

Betty and Wilfredo

On Ilalo

Compadre on the summit of Ilalo

Adriana and a wet Maylou

Mafe and boyfriend Camilo about to plant a big wet one.

Tia Cris, Maria, Tia Adrianna

Tavo and his new bike!

The simple joys of kite flying.  Makes one feel young again!
Tavo and co-pilot Ari

Elcy flying free!

Ari photobombing yet again!

La cruz

Adriana and Cris



Admiring my fave tree.

Who knew?  a place called Quito in Narino.

Ramon really enjoyed working in his uncle/aunt's store!!

Right across the street from the in-law's house.  Riot Police returning from another game of cat and mouse with the students at the Uni, just down the road.  Tear gas and all....

Veggie hot dog.

Tiny town above Pasto

Pasto in the background.  Tio Carlos and Carlita

Just love the intensity of this colour


Vlady on Cerro Cundur

More bright yellow/gold

Cerro Cundur in the background

Ramon and his cousin Dario from Quito, on a ride from Pasto to Buesaco

Such good lads says the priest....if only he knew.

Bridge over the Rio Juanambu

Crop of opium poppies

Awesome waterfall at the hotsprings near La Cruz

Yours truly with the Coffee Queen!

Carla at the hotsprings close to Pasto

La Mami at age 86, still likes to go for a ride!

'hot' springs...bit warm really

Tio Carlos recently turned 50.  Now he's the one that needs a nap!

Maria and the house she lived in till age 5

Ramon and Tia Vilma

Restraunt with a view

Hector, Tomas, Wilson and Ramon

Maria, Ramon and Tomas

Green Cali, White Calgary...well....half the year.

Lunch?  or more likely, this guy is vegan and he's just riding with his pet chicken?  

Pacific coast/African music fest in Cali

Hanging at 'Hector's' pool

Ramon doing what he loves best!  Hector in goal

Super tall, skinny palms in the main plaza, Cali.

Some dude...

Cat of the river!

Rio? I forgot the name.

Hector tries out the new e scooters....

...and sushi for the first time, with Isa and Diana