Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Goose at Nakiska

Feb/Mar/Apr 2019 photos

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The photographer, Kathy T, taking a photo of herself :)


Chinese onion rings?

Kicking Horse/Golden

Dad, post concussion.  A first and hopefully last.

Calgary roadrunners reception for cross country awards.

Carla gets her Ironperson mug for doing all 10 races!!!  Way to go goosie!

Magnolia tree in Abbostford

Near Lynden Washington state

Raspberries....Washington state with the mountains 'way' up north in Canada

Birch Bay WA

Mt. Baker WA

White Rock BC

I take a photo of Harry Jerome everytime I'm in Stanley park!

Can Vancouver spare some palm trees for Calgary?

Old man of the mtn.

Carla loves to ski without gloves.

Le Tabernac! 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

January 2019 photos

Powder day at Sunshine!

Ramon's 12th B'day party at Lazer City.

Cliff jumping!

The reason Carla wanted to come to Fernie!  Full of kids trails :)

Post ski day feast at Fernie.

Ramon on his new 160cm skis

Stuck in the trees!

Eating veggies can be fun!

Carla checking out all the options at the intro night to her new school next year (same as Ramon's school)

Our mini ping pong table in the basement

Carla's new room.  The kids now have thier own bedrooms, as mom and dad have been relegated to the basement!
Ramon's room, with Carla's added touch--stuffed animals.

Notice Carla is always smiling while running!