Tuesday, August 28, 2018

August holiday pics

Family photo: kids halfway grown up edition. Ramon sprained his wrist badly; nothing broken

The wall keeps moving!....as Ramon adjusts it to warp speed!

La princesa

Monster Zucc

Zucchini boats!

Heading up Mt. Whyte with Tabernac!

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View of the death trap from the summit

Plain of the six glaciers tea house....not Nepal

Mt Sarbach

Looking north towards mt Chepheran from the false summit of Sarbach

Left leg has the same view.

Gull lake.  Ramon the trickster, offering the ladies a ride :)

Red Deer 'river' tubing

Mt. Sarrail with Tabernac

Camp program at Kananaskis lakes campground

Mt. Warspite

Almost ran into this griz coming down Warspite....

....and then ran into this pair at the bottom!

Great pathways connecting the 4 campsites

Playing cards with friends from school

Summer reading

Carla's garden

Mt. Coleman

Looking back along the ridge of Mt. Coleman

Western Anemone

Late August frost

Sunrise on mt Temple and Paradise creek

Fairview on the left...objective on the right; mt Sheol

Temple from the summit of Sheol

Mts Effiel and Pinnacle in the centre foreground

Mushroom season

Floating on the Bow

Ramon heading up Windtower, with mt Lougheed in the background

Reading all the swear words in the summit register

...and back down the creek to the road....

....for a drive in the van.  2.5 years until he gets his learners licence

At day at the zoo with Carlita the Panda...with a butterfly on her shoulder

....and a latte and date square on the way back home...spot the panda in the window!  She looked so real that while we were watching the Panda at the zoo....a 2 year old looked over at Carla and freaked out, thinking that the Panda got out of the cage!!

Ramon in Nose Hill park with his new downhill bike, which he paid for half of it out of his allowance.